ANS Complete Colored O-Ring Kit 3x Rebuild (Bag) - Tiberius Arms T4/T8.1/T9.1

ANS Complete Colored O-Ring Kit 3x Rebuild (Bag) - Tiberius Arms T4/T8.1/T9.1

  • $ 12.00

Your marker can fire thousands of rounds every week, puts up with the beating of countless rainy Sundays, and withstands a number of slides through the dirt and mud. Through all of this, you still expect your marker to perform week in and week out. A small bit of maintenance is key to ensuring that your marker functions and performs at its best.

One major aspect of marker maintenance is replacing your o-rings. The o-rings in your marker wear down over time by withstanding thousands of cycles along with coming in contact with dirt/debris. Our kits provide an easy and inexpensive way to keep your marker in top shape by swapping out your o-rings.

  • O-rings are color coded by size, eliminating the headache of matching up sizes. An included color/size chart helps with your first time rebuilding your marker. After that, just replace o-rings by color when it comes time to rebuild again.
  • All of the o-rings you need to perform a standard rebuild of your marker three times (other quantities available).
  • Contains o-rings for your markers firing assembly, high pressure regulator, LPR (if applicable), etc (unless otherwise noted). Don't be fooled by other kits that only offer a fraction of the o-rings needed to rebuild your marker.
  • 002 - Reg Relief Valve
  • 002 - Valve Nose
  • 003 - Push Rod
  • 003 - Valve Shaft
  • 006 - Bolt End Cap Screw (x2)
  • 006 - CO2 Housing
  • 006 - CO2 Stem
  • 006 - Gun Body/Reg Body
  • 006 - Reg Sealing
  • 010 - Shroud Mounting Screw
  • 012 - Reg End Screw
  • 012 - Reg Spring Pad
  • 012 - Reg Valve Sleeve
  • 016 - Air Chamber Plug
  • 020 - Air Chamber OD
  • 105 - CO2 Housing
  • 110 - Air Chamber Cap

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